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Car Rental Policies

Minimum rental is one day. Every hour in excess is calculated at 1/5 of the daily rate.

For citizens coming from USA, Canada, Australia and China an international permit / driver’s license, is obligatory and required. For all other, non-EU citizens, the international permit is optional. The minimum age for the driver, must be 23 years old and must have a valid driver’s license at least for 2 years.

Paid by the customer. Pick up / bring back, with the same tank level.

For trips to Kimolos island, in case of an emergency, 300€ is the minimum reparation.

You should be aware of the fact that sea transport, is allowed by the company only by written permission and only for trips to Kimolos island.

Traffic fines tickets, from any violations of the Greek traffic law during rental period are born solely by the renter.

All the damages to tires, rims and under the car, are not covered by any insurance.

After the end of the rental contract you are uninsured.

On the returning of the vehicle to our office, it should be in excellent condition on the outside (not scratches, dents etc.) and inside (no rips in seats, carpets and spill of fluids to destroy them). Of course any dust issues, mud, dirt, etc. are not considered as a damage to the vehicle.

In case of an accident / breakdown of the car you should immediately contact us.

In case of cancellation: From 21 days or more prior to the arrival of the client, then the deposit is returned to the client (any transfer expenses are paid by the client). For less than 21 days the client must pay the half price of the total days that will be cancelled.

Insurance against third parties for material damages and bodily injuries. Bodily injuries and material damages arise from driver’s fault are not covered from the insurance. Collision damage waiver (CDW) insurance with extra charge. With that insurance you eliminate the cost you’ll have to pay in case something goes wrong. If anything happens, you’ll have to pay until 500€ + TAX. If the cost of the damage is bigger, the insurance company will covers the rest amount. The above stand under the condition, that there was no violation of the Traffic Regulation. Damages to tires, rims and under the car, are not covered by any insurance, at any car type. Not available theft insurance, as well as theft of personal belongings.

In case key is lost, you will be charged 150€.

Car Rental Policies